Best Projectors 2019 – Top 10 Projectors Reviews And Buying Guide

Getting the best of the projector that you need for your use could be a bit confusing and stressing as you do not want to get something that could disturb and make your watching or working difficult. That’s why we are going to discuss some of the best projectors that you must get in 2019 under $1000. It’s not easy choosing the best projector but, with an insight of the features and what it comes with, you can get what you want and need. It is now easier to get a projector that suits your needs and desire.

Best Projectors 2019
Best Projectors 2019

This is due to the improvements in designs and technology that is made to satisfy different users, and the work is intended for. Therefore, you are able to get what you want at an affordable price. Each projector comes with features that unique and may differ from each other significantly. Some projectors have been engineered for business, classroom, and personal and also home theatre use depending on what you want the projector for. Here are some of the best projectors under 2000 dollars for 2019 that you should not miss.

Top 3  Projectors Picked by Editors

  1. BenQ HT3050 HD 1080p 3D
  2. GEARGO 2800 Lumens HD Portable Projector
  3. Vankyo LEISURE 3 (Upgraded Version)
  4. GooDee Video Projector

Our Rating

  • Durability: 9.5/10
  • Value for Money: 10/10
  • Safe for Eye 10/10
  • Performance: 10/10
  • Energy Transfer: 10/10
The Top 10 Best Projectors 2019 Comparison Table
NameImage BrightnessDisplay Technology
Epson Home Cinema2200 lumens 3LCD
BenQ HT2550 4K2200 Lumens4K UHD HDR
Optoma HD27 3200 Lumens3D DLP
BenQ TH670 DLP HD3000 LumensLCD
ViewSonic PJD7828HDL3200 LumensLED
Optoma UHD60 4K3000 LumensLED True 4K UHD
Epson Home Cinema 21502500 Lumens3LCD
LG PH450UG Short Throw450 LumensLED
Epson VS250 SVGA3200 lumens3LCD
Optoma HD39Darbee3500 Lumens3D DLP

 Best Projectors 2019 

Epson Home Cinema Projector with 4K – Affordable

Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Home Theater Projector with 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color and White Brightness and Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color GamutEpson is one of the world’s famous brands which bring out the best performance without disappointing the customers. Epson home cinema projector has been designed to be used by all customers regardless of the nature of the use. It has been enhanced with 4k technology that makes it possible to accept 4k ultra high definition content and still be able to upscale contents that are not 4k to give incredible pictures with resolutions that are better than Full HD. It has also been advanced in terms of 3LCD technology that ensures no rainbow effect, or white segment that is displayed on the screen.

The projector has been made to deliver an extremely beautiful color range from both bright and dark sides. With a balanced brightness of 2,200 lumens, you are able to see images that are rich in color and works even better with ambient light. Every detail in the projector comes with exceptional performance and display making it the best and most featured projector that you may not want to miss in the market in 2019.


  • It comes with an advanced 3LCD technology that ensures no rainbow effect
  • The brightness of the projector is exceptional in that you do not need blind curtains
  • The images are rich in color


  • The photos of the projector could be better than it is

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BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR – Modern

BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector, 8.3 Million Pixels, 2200 Lumens, Rec.709, Audiovisual Enhancer, 3D, HDMI & $100 Gift Card BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector is one of the most amazing and beautiful in the market. The projector has been designed to meet all the requirements of different customers. BenQ HT2550 projector has a high resolution of 4K UHD that has 8.3 million different pixels that make it possible for the projector to deliver stunning images that are clear and with excellent details. Also, the projector uses the HDR10 support with auto HDR color with the cinematic technology. With BenQ HD2550 you are able to experience the best and authentic cinema experience. BenQ HD2550 projector has been designed to be small and light for ease of use and set up in your home with also keystone correction and 1.2 x zoom. What makes this projector great is the fact that you are able to work with ambient light in the room without distortion.


  • BenQ HD2550 projector comes in small and light design making it easier for one to set up and use
  • The images of the projector are remarkable as the projector comes with a 4K resolution


  • There are no 3D glasses included in the projector

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Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP – Cheap and Simple

Optoma HD27 HD27 DLP 3D Projector 3200L 1080P 1920X1080 25K:1 HDMI 5.5LB 1-Year WarrantyThe Optoma HD27 is an advanced 1080p Home Theater Projector with incredibly great features that could blow you away. Sporting 3200 lumens of brightness, 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution delivering the best pictures and images on your screen. With the 1.1x Zoom, you can have a good look at either close or further away from you to suit your desires. The projector also comes with RGB support and a fantastic contrast ratio of 25000:1. The higher the contrast ratio, the more beautiful the images are as it brings out the best of the darkest and the brightest. The HD27 has been designed to perform exceptionally well as a home theatre and great for watching HDTV programming, Latest movies release, and other significant sporting events.

This projector has been designed to suit everyone’s need and incredibly great for gamers with the sharp 1080 graphics with detailed graphics produced by the rich blacks. Optoma HD27 is compatible with other devices and allows MHL devices such as Optoma’s HD Cast Pro, Roku Streaming Stick, and also smartphones. The most important part of the connectivity is the fact that you connect the devices directly to the projector without an external power source to playback music, videos, pictures and other digital media you may want to work with. Apart from all the fantastic features that it has, it also comes with higher input and outputs 2Xhdml 1.4a (MHL), 3D Vesa Sync Port, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V Trigger, USB-A (Power)


  • The throw distance of the projector makes the images look fantastic and captivating
  • The brightness of the projector is excellent that you do not need to shut the windows to have a clear view of the photos.
  • The projector has been designed to be great for movies and games giving the best result.
  • The sync port that it comes with makes it even worth buying


  • The projector could be a little noisy for you
  • Though it comes with the sound system built inside, it may not produce the great sound that you may desire

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BenQ DLP HD 1080p (TH670) – Good for Home

BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (TH670) - 3D Home Theater Projector with 3,000 ANSI Lumens and 10,000:1 ContrastWhen looking for a projector that is great, stunning, great captivating features then you should look no further. The BenQ TH670 has been designed to give you all that and more experience. BenQ projector comes with a high-resolution 3DHD projection that has I a billion colours compared to other projectors of LCD. The features do not stop there as the projector also comes with additional features like contrast ratio of 10000:1 bringing out the best of the images on the screen. With the brightness of 3000 lumens, you do not need to get blind curtains for home theatres because the images produced or displayed on the screen are still visible with the ambient light in the room.

BenQ projector has been designed for home theatre as it comes with USB that supplies power for accessories and also providing the flexibility needed for the environment. The images on the screen have accurate colour even when the lights are on and bringing out the best of the photos with incredible shadow details. BenQ projector does not run out of the fantastic performance as you are able to watch TV shows, movies, sports and also playing video games in your home theatre. With the BenQ projector, you do not to be worried about the life of it as the projector comes with a lamp life of 10,000 hours. This is also because it comes with Smart Eco technology that conserves energy making the lamp to extend its presence to serve you more


  • It comes with SmartEco Technology that helps in an extension of the lamp life of the projector
  • The images of the projector are sharp and stunningly clear
  • The projector has been designed to give the best for the gamers and movie fans
  • The brightness of BenQ HD27 is
    great that you do not need to turn off the lights in the room
  • The contrast ratio makes the images to be clear at it brings out the details of every scene on the screen


  • The colors of the photos are a little dark
  • It switches back to default color preset under certain circumstances.

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View Sonic PJD7828HDL 3200 – Great Build Quality

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater ProjectorAre you looking for a projector that delivers the best experience in your home and business? Then View sonic Light stream PJD7828HDL is the right projector for you. Though the features of the projector may make it seem to be expensive, instead you can get the projector at a meager and affordable price of less than best projector under 100 dollars to $1000. The projector has been designed to deliver the best Home theatre experience right in your home and give cinematic expertise to you and your family. This projector features Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, user-friendly design brightness of 3200 lumens and Super color technology that offers deep color for remarkable images in any environment at any time.

The technology used in the design of view sonic projector was used in consideration of all clients in need of the projector. The View Sonic projector provides flexible and quick to assemble in the home and office. In case you love good music and audio, this is the best for you as it comes with enhanced sound technology and also comes with an inbuilt speaker for 10 W that delivers remarkable clear sound right in your home. Another great feature the projector has is the connectivity. The projector has been designed with amazing connection ports like the HDMI/MHL compartment, wireless HDMI or MHL and other connectivity ports.


  • PJD7828HDL comes with a large screen to give you the best home theatre experience 300 inches up
  • The colors produced by the projector offer tremendous and beautiful images in all environments
  • With 2 inbuilt speakers, you are able to have a great room filled audio for a fantastic home theatre experience
  • PJD7828HDL projector has a Dynamic Eco mode that allows the lamp to extend its life to 10,000 hours
  • PJD7828HDL supports most of the media players, PCs, smartphones and other great connections


  • Though the projector is excellent, without careful setup, it may not give you the best experience
  • The levels in the projector are average

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Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition – Great Quality

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater ProjectorOptoma UHD60 is an actual 4 K Ultra High Definition projector that delivers ultra sharp images and audio right in your home theatre and captivating experience. The resolution of the projector is incredible 2160 p with a brightness of 3000 lumens and great colors that are of a high level and remarkable. With the Ultra High Resolution of 3840ox 2160, high brightness, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, Dynamic range of HDR10,1.6 zoom, correction lens and others amazing features, indeed the Optima UHD60 has been designed by the developers to deliver the best to the clients and to give them the best experience with the projector.

The projector has been designed to deliver the content to life right in your home offering the best experience. The projector also has a long lamp life of up to 15000 hours when in Eco mode giving you a quiet time before you could go for another lamp. The great images on the screen have been made possible by the REC 2020 and – the P3 color that deliver world color that shows the whitest and the darkest of the color.


  • With the 4K UHD, the projector delivers the best cinematic experience in the home
  • Its compatible with HDR10 to give the best lifelike color
  • The contrast gives the best of both black and white colors


  • The projectors optical are good but could be improved
  • Although the projector supports BT 2020 color, it comes up with a little short
  • The lumens of the projector is not enough to do an HDR all the way
  • Has no media player

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Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless – Widescreen HD 1080p entertainment

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projectorEpson Home Cinema 2150 projector has been designed to meet any environment be it personal, business or classroom, Epson home cinema gives the best when it comes to them. The home cinema 2150 is ideal for all lighting environments since it has a brightness of 2500 lumens. The projector is capable of entertaining of up to 132 inch and more giving the best images due to the excellent contrast ratio of 60,000:1 providing detailed scenes on the brightest and the darkest.

With the wireless screen monitoring, you do not need cabling all over this way you can watch videos, apps and photos using Mira cast. The projector is capable of showing great shows, movies, videos, games and also sporting. With the Epson Home Cinema projector, you will not be disappointed as it will deliver the best performance and beautiful cinematic experience.


  • The projector is able to work great in any lighting environment
  • The brightness of the projector does not need the light off at any moment at having a clear view
  • The contrast ratio is able to bring out the darkest and the whitest of the scenes delivering the best scenes on the screen
  • The wireless screen monitoring is excellent as you are able to view photos, videos and other media player items without any problem.


  • Setting up the wireless connectivity could be a bit difficult
  • The wireless in the projector is for mirroring streaming and does not work well with Mac devices

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LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector – Budget Friendly

LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector with Screen ShareThe LG projector has been designed with high definition resolution of 1280x 720 and is capable of projecting up to 80 inches bringing out the best of the texture and skin tone beautifully. Also is able to share to the screen wirelessly by connecting to the Smartphone or tablet and accessing content to be projected on the screen. It’s incredible how the projector is capable of extended lamp life of 30,000 hours that is in (LED). With the extended lamp life, you can save up a lot of bucks that you could have used for maintenance of the bulb.

The images displayed on the screen are fantastic and very clear within a short distance. It’s therefore significant to note you can connect your projector to the USB and access the official documents and also display images, movies and even music. What I have found to be remarkable is the fact that you are able to stream sound directly from the projector to any device that compatible with Bluetooth like radios, speakers in the home, headphones and many other media players in the home.


  • The projector is able to last up to 30,000 hours giving you a great and long service
  • With a Smartphone you are able to view your documents and videos wirelessly
  • It comes with an excellent resolution that shows the displayed content vividly


  • The resolution of the projector has been limited to 720 pixels
  • It comes with an inbuilt sound system that is poor
  • There are AV sync issues when it comes to mirroring cast

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Epson VS250 SVGA – Cheap And Budget Friendly

Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens color brightness (color light output) 3,200 lumens white brightness (white light output) HDMI 3LCD projectorEpson VS250 SVGA has been designed to be used both at home and at the office. With a brightness of 3,200 lumens, you can still have a vivid presentation at the office without interference with the lighting in the room. It has been designed with SVGA resolution of 800 x 600 making it the best for any projection need. Since it is portable and lightweight, it is even easier to set up without wastage of your time and efforts. Epson VS250 projector delivers the best exceptional color accuracy with 3x higher color brightness and also 3 times wider gamut color giving you the best experience. Supporting HDMI, standard connectivity, compatible with the latest laptops and even media players you get a beautiful experience right in your home.


  • The projector is lightweight and portable making it easier to travel with
  • The resolution of the projector is great bringing out the best images and color brightness
  • Epson VS250 SVGA is compatible with most of the latest laptops and media players


  • Epson VS250 SVGA has a short lamp life of 6000-8000 hours
  • It does not also support a 3D format

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Optoma HD39Darbee – For the Best Next generation

Optoma HD39Darbee 1080p 3500 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorThe Optoma HD39Darbee projector has been designed to deliver exceptional experience right in your home together family and friends. The manufacturers designed it to give the best experience especially for movies, sporting, gaming and also TV shows. The next generation of the Darbee Vision image has been enhanced to utilise a neuro-biologic to bring out excellent details in-depth, object separation and lighting. With Darbee you have pictures that show skin tone, textures and automatically remove artefacts that may be unseen.

The experience you get here is more significant than life, and you play your games with different platforms like the Xbox One or PS4 and even watch your movies using Blu-ray and many other amazing things you can do with the projector without disappointment.

With a brightness of 3,500 and contrast of 32,000:1, the projector does not let you down at all as it delivers bright images that you are not forced to close the window or any lighting in the room and also you may even use it for an outdoor purpose still giving you the best. The 15,000 hour of lamp life that the Darbee home cinema comes with does not give you a hard time of maintaining once in a while for it provides an extended service period. When it comes to Darbee projector, you should not be worried about installation as it allows for an intuitive and a flexible installation


  • The installation of the projector is comfortable and flexible
  • Since the projector uses the neuro-biologic algorithm, the images are accurate and in details
  • Its best for gaming, movies, and viewing photos
  • It does not come with artefacts as it has been engineered to remove any artefact in the projector before is seen
  • The projector may be used outdoor since it is not affected by the ambient light


  • The black level on the projector has been set to be limited
  • In full brightness mode, the noise from it is high

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Things to consider before buying a projector of 2019

Before purchasing a projector, it’s good to consider several things that meet your requirement and need. It’s not easy getting the right projector without knowing the features and what it comes with. Therefore, it is recommended to consider what the projector will be used for be it best outdoor projector or indoor, entertainment or business, reliability or more. It’s up to you to get what meets your desire. Here are some of the things to consider before buying a projector.

1. Your needs

a) Outdoor VS indoor

Choosing an outdoor projector or an indoor projector entirely depends on the need of the user. The most important thing to consider is the content you are going to show on the projector. In case you are looking for an outdoor projector, it’s good to look for a projector that is brighter than most and can withstand the climate outside. To take your projector outside you must have taken into consideration the resolution and contrast ration of the projector as they play a much bigger role on the display f the content on to the projector. For indoor use, you should consider a good projector with high resolution, great contrast ratio, high-quality images and the most important thing is that the projector should not be able to make a lot of noise. Getting a projector with low brightness could also be useful for you if the rooms do not have much amount of ambient light through. To get one for the indoor consider getting one that is easy to install and mount on the wall.

b) Entertainment or Business

Projectors can be decided whether is for business or entertainment. For business, there are several considerations to be made as it mostly has still images in the PowerPoint presentations and charts and other relevant activity I the conference room. If this is what you the projector for, then consider looking for the projectors on the business area. So, one should be careful to pick an appropriate one according to the needs they have. When it comes to entertainment, the projector needs to be the one that can handle lots of image movement without artefacts. The projector should have a great resolution to bring out the best of the images and textures.

c) Reliability

Reliability of the projector is very important as it determines the life of the projector and the service that it gives you. Its good to consider reviews of other users who have bought and used it and get what they had to say about them. The things to look for an example are the lamp life. Get to know the ratings of the lamp life from the people who have had a chance to you the product. The higher the lamp life hours, the longer is going to serve you before thinking of replacing it. Good projectors come with filters that help in the protection of the projector from dust keeping it clean and running for a lot longer.

Though some of the projectors are filters free, meaning you will not have a filter to replace, but in the real sense, you may not have anything to protect your projector from dust buildup that has a great impact on the life of the projector. Therefore you should consider a projector that has a lamp life of 3000 hours and above for your use. Another important factor to consider on reliability is whether you are going to reach the support and service representatives in case you encounter a malfunction or something goes wrong with the projector.

d) Budget

Budget is very important in your decision of the projector to be acquired. If your budget is $200, you do not expect to get a projector that has features that worth$3000.Notably, when looking for a projector to use for office purposes then you do not need much amount of money, but rather you get a fairly good projector that suits your office need. To get the best projector for home entertainment to consider getting a projector worth $500 and $3000 that delivers the best performance for home cinema experience but you can also spend a lot more to get even exceptional performance spending even $10,000 to get a good 4K projector. It’s good to note that you can get a good quality business projector that is portable for as little as $200 but to have the best result and features expect to pay more. Also, consider the amount you may need for a screen and set up of the entire projector.

e) Portability

Portability is everything when it comes to the projector. When travelling and you do not want to carry lots of luggage or a projector that is heavy and could inconvenience you then you should not be worried at all. It’s now much easier to get projectors that are designed to be small and lightweight for your convenience. This could be your thing for travelling or even for business use in the office as you will drop in your bag and fit without a struggle.

In case you want a projector that you can use for both indoor and outdoor that is easy to carry around and install because you will get it easily and at a very affordable price. This makes it be not just for travelling and business presentations but also the setting up of the projector as well. With a portable projector, you can easily go out with friends and hang a sheet in the park and watch your favourite movies without any hectic efforts.
Technical specs

1. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio can be said to be the shape of the image video that is projected on the screen and the primary source of the content. It’s good to note that the native aspect ratio is the exact format the projector was designed to feature. Although the projector has a variable aspect ratio, they have pixels of a native format that ensures the performance of the projector is great. Aspect ratio is what determines the shape of the video image on the screen and how it will appear. The primary ratio of a standard TV is 4:3, while most of the modern projectors have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

2. Zoom Range and Lens Shift

When choosing a projector, it is good to consider the zoom range and capabilities of the lens shift. This is in case you intend to shift from one environment to the other. As with this feature, you will be able to change the projector and change the throw distance to alter the position and size of the image you are projecting on the screen. If you are love to use a short throw projector, you may use it in a squeezed room or a space that is tight. Notably when in a theatre or a room with a large area, you will need a projector with a long-throw lens

3. Resolution

Getting a projector with an excellent resolution is crucial as it makes the experience good or bad. To choose a good projector for your need, you may have to consider whether you are using the projector for office or entertainment. If you are applying for office, it could save you a lot of money to get a projector a low resolution as it will serve you well enough an example if a projector with a resolution of SVGA 800X 600.

For those who need a projector for movies, sporting, gaming, and viewing photos, you need a projector with a good resolution as it can be able to display the images with great complexion and texture a resolution of 1920x 1080 pixels is best for entertainment. A high-resolution projector does not handle lower resolution content well but to get better handling, and it’s good to get a 4k projector that is capable of upscaling lower resolution content to high-resolution content.

4. The Right Technology

Good projectors with an enhanced technology tend to be a bit expensive but worth the amount. A massive amount of projectors in the market are Digital Light Processing or Liquid Crystal Display. DLP projectors are usually prone to rainbow effects than most of the technologies in the market as has been manufactured with more moving parts and are designed to use a spinning color wheel.

When it comes to projectors engineered to be LCD by technology, you find yourself with a reliable one. Though they are a reliable technology, they tend to be a bit heavier than the DLP technology projector. There is also another technology in the market called Liquid Crystal on Silicone that can deliver exceptional images. To get a projector with LCoS technology, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets.

5. Brightness

When choosing the projector in terms of brightness, you have to consider the environment condition you intend to use. The more lumens you have, the brighter your projector is. In an environment where is darker, you do not need a projector with much brightness the one with lower lumens could do just fine but to get the best result look for the one with a much higher lumen. With projectors with many lumens, you are able to use it in a room with ambient light without having problems with viewing the images or the content on the screen.

The incredible thing about the projector with much brightness, you able to use it even outdoors with your family and friends or even for an outdoor business presentation or an outdoor event. With much brightness that is great, you will not be disappointed at all. It is great to know that for a business projector, a rating of 1,000 lumens or even less could be better and great for presentation but will have to be used in a much darker environment. For movies, sporting, viewing photos, TV shows, and gaming, you may consider a projector with a brightness of more than 5000 lumens.

6. Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio can be defined as the difference between the brightest side and the darkest side of the picture. To have the best experience with the projector, get the one with a much higher contrast ratio. You may not rely on the contrast ratio alone but also consider factors like the brightness of the projector and the quality of the screen.

7. Connectivity

Different projectors come with different connectivity such as VGA ports. Since projectors come with varying ports like VGA AND HDMI ports, you will have to choose which one you want according to your needs as well. If you are getting one for watching movies and gaming at home, you may have to get one with HDMI connectivity. When it comes to the business environment, you need a projector that can have a USB port for your flash during presentations and other documentation that you may want to use.

There are other projectors that come with WI-FI support and make it easier and useful to the user especially for streaming contents in almost all modern devices available. Here makes it easier for you to connect your phone to the projector directly without wiring and cabling all over the room. Listening to music and videos becomes more comfortable with everything being wireless.

It’s even much safer and easier to have an Ethernet port in an event the projector is on a fixed position and does not allow movement, and hence it allows you to operate the projector online easily making it more reliable than Wi-Fi connection.


1. The Screen

It is widely known that for better and high quality content or picture depends on the surface or screen that you are projecting it to. The condition can only work if you are using the projector in one position or area. If you are changing the environment from one to another is, therefore, good to buy a tripod or a roll-out screen to use anywhere and at any time. If you do not have a screen, you may decide to use your wall as a surface for projecting your content. A white or cream wall is great for display of the content incredibly well.

2. The Sound

The sound is a great factor for those looking for home entertainment and outdoor events. It is not easy to get a projector with a great inbuilt speaker. It will, therefore, take a while to find the best. Notably, a projector for business presentation does not really require much sound. So you may be forced to set up a surround sound system that delivers the best performance and experience. The projector will work remarkably if the source is plugged in to your sound system directly and to place the projector separate from it.

The Final Words

Projectors can be very complicated when choosing and maintaining as they have other complexities as other devices when it comes to resolution and controlling of light sources. Some decisions on selection of a projector could be tough but what matters a lot is that is only with a projector that you can get a high-quality picture that is larger more than 60 inch at a price that is reasonable.

Though projectors come with different features, the function is all the same. To get the best of experience from the projector is good to understand what you want the features you require. Though it may seem expensive to get the projectors, it all depends on your budget, performance and need. You will not be disappointed with the best projectors 2019. When buying the projector, you should consider the cost of the screen, the projector and any other extra expense you may incur setting it up.